The Isle of Wight Scooter Club

The Islands longest running sc. KEEPING THE FAITH Since 1980


Over 40  years of scootering.     

40 YEARS of, Island scootering, the first & only Island Scooter Club to ever achieve this .

  Isle of Wight Scooter Club. [jaguars]       Established1980

The roots of the club run very far back in time & although the club was established officially in 1980 its founder members were involved with scootering before that date,with the name[Isle of Wight Jaguars] & first badge design,including the influence of family connections that were founder members of the Isle of Wight Vespa & Lambretta [the Gannet’s ]clubs,also with the infamous Isle of Wight Riot Squad.

This Isle of Wight  Club is the oldest established scooter club on the Island that is still actively running  through necessity it has gone through many changes since the early years ,the difficult times  and now  the more informal relaxed atmosphere after more than 30 years  of Island Scootering.

Since the Isle of Wight Scooter Club was started,membership has fluctuated with some people leaving the scene ,others joining different clubs ,while some moved away & not forgetting them who have had to take a break for a time due to family life,other commitments etc.   Fortunatley a steady flow of new or fresh scooterists have constantly joined this scooter club & alongside existing members have helped to form a strong bond between all.This has resulted in a genuine Isle of Wight scooter club membership of dedicated scooterists.



 Keep the Faith.

ISLE of WIGHT SCOOTER CLUB:-Telephone...Reg  07748167827